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Disaster Restoration

No one knows when a disaster can occur and take a toll on the condition of their home. Natural disasters can occur, such as hurricanes and storms with heavy rain that can lead to flooding throughout the house. Once flooding occurs inside the property, it causes water damage to the floors, walls, pipes, and more. It’s an issue that must get handled by a team of professionals with the right skills and proper tools to manage the situation at a fast pace.

While disasters can occur that cause water to flood through a home, these aren’t the only disasters that homeowners can experience. Disasters also include fires, fallen trees, and anything else that could potentially damage the house. Of course, some disasters cause more damage than others, but restoration is imminent when any of these situations occur.

Fire Restoration

The devastating experience of a fire in the home doesn’t stop when the fire gets put out.

Water Damage

Don’t let the water continue to sit in your home once it gets inside!

Mold Remediation

The most minor issues in the home can often cause more extensive and stressful problems

Sewage Damage Cleanup

Sewage damage is one of the worst things to experience in a home or commercial property.

Emergency Roof-Tarp Board Up

If you need immediate assistance, we’ve got you covered.

Storm Damage

The aftermath of severe storms is often harrowing for homeowners to deal with, but we’re here to help.

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At N.E. Disaster Restoration Inc., we provide emergency repair and reconstruction for those dealing with damages. Our goal is to get to the home as quickly as possible to assess the level of damage and remedy the situation with our high-powered equipment and tools. In addition, we want to make sure our clients can get back into their homes as soon as possible with help from our team members.

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